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Google Emoji'sGoogle Emoji's are the best designed emoji's in social media today. With viberant colors and great layout.
You see them everywhere from phones, websites, and blog comment sections like here on SpadesBerry.

Go for it, leave a comment below and pick your favorite emoji winking emoji

I thought I would provide a place to allow you to download them or copy the URL for your projects.
As you can see all over this site that i enjoy them and intend to use them on future projects.
It adds style and user friendliness making your site look moderate and welcoming.

chuckle Cool Bad Words Bandaged Nerd lmfao Tongue Out Wink Monkey Evil Cat

If you have any requests please comment below.
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Chuckle emoji Cold Laugh emoji Giggle emoji HAHAHA emoji Happy Flip emoji Happy Laugh emoji Hugging emoji Laugh emoji Laughing emoji LMAO emoji LMFAO emoji Slight Laugh emoji Slight Smile emoji Smile emoji White Smile emoji Astonished emoji Dizzy emoji Drooling emoji Expressionless emoji Eyebrow Raise emoji Flushed emoji Frowning OMG emoji Grimacing emoji Hushed emoji Lying emoji Monocle emoji Neutral emoji Quiet emoji Rolling Eyes emoji Sleepy emoji Smirking emoji Thinking emoji Unamused emoji Anguished emoji Confounded emoji Confused emoji Crying emoji Disappointed Worry emoji Disappointed emoji Frowning Sad emoji Frowning emoji Loud Cry emoji Pensive emoji Persevering emoji Sleepy Sad emoji Slight Frown emoji Worried Sad emoji Worried emoji Zipper Mouth emoji Angry emoji Bad Words emoji Crazy emoji Pissed Off emoji Pouting emoji Silent emoji Bandaged emoji Cold Sweat OMG emoji Cold Sweat Sad emoji Fear emoji Fearful emoji Fever emoji Medical Mask emoji Nauseated emoji Sneezing emoji Tired emoji Vomiting emoji Angel emoji Cool Face emoji Cowboy emoji Mind Blown emoji Money Face emoji Nerd Face emoji Star Eyes emoji Funny Tongue emoji Tongue Out emoji Tongue Out Eyes Closed emoji Tongue Out Wink emoji Heart Eyes emoji Eyes Open Kiss emoji Kiss emoji kissing emoji Wink emoji Kiss Heart emoji See No Evil emoji Hera No Evil emoji Speak No Evil emoji Monkey emoji Cat emoji Laughing Cat emoji LMAO Cat emoji Evil Cat emoji Mad Cat emoji Crying Cat emoji OMG Cat emoji Kiss Cat emoji Love Cat emoji Bear emoji Gorilla emoji Panda emoji Koala emoji Lion emoji Tiger emoji Wolf emoji Fox emoji Dog emoji Pig emoji Cow emoji Bunny emoji Mouse emoji Hamster emoji Frog emoji Deer emoji Giraffe emoji Kiss emoji Black Heart emoji Yellow Heart emoji Green Heart emoji Purple Heart emoji Blue Heart emoji Red Heart emoji Star Heart emoji Credit Card emoji Money Bag emoji Money emoji Spade emoji Diamond emoji Club emoji Heart emoji Slots emoji Video Game emoji Joy Stick emoji Dice emoji Eight Ball emoji Darts emoji Bowling emoji Ping Pong emoji Boxing Gloves emoji Basket Ball emoji Volley Ball emoji Beer emoji Cheers emoji Whisky emoji Wine emoji Martini emoji Mojito emoji Champagne emoji Coffee emoji Copy Right emoji Registered emoji Trade Mark emoji Smoke emoji Bomb emoji Water Gun emoji Hundred emoji Clover emoji Crown emoji Finish Flag emoji Garbage emoji Paint emoji Female emoji Male emoji Fast Email emoji Email emoji Earth emoji Light Bulb emoji Recycle emoji

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