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Sometimes when I visit websites I wonder where the name came from like "Reddit" and "Twitter". Why did they pick those names?

That being said it makes me want to explain "SPADESBERRY" and why I didn't go with something like "Free Something" or just "Coleman Design".

Back in 2004 at the age of 15 years old
I was board living in the middle of nowhere with nothing to ever do. So I decided to make a little mobile website on my free time using my Blackberry but I needed things to post about. So I decided on talking about Poker and things related to Blackberry as it was a popular device back in those day.

But I needed a name thinking emoji

I didn't spend a-lot of time thinking about it as I was posting things about poker and my favorited suit was Spades then I wound also be posting about Blackberry related items so I decided to go with "SPADESBERRY".

The mobile site didn't last long as I was unsure if I wanted to continue with it. So it came to a STOP.

In 2009
I was big on gaming and really wanted to start awhat the website looked like years agoWebsite and my first blogBlog about the Call of Duty franchise. But again I needed a name and the name "SPADESBERRY" seemed to be a custom name that I liked and I would use domain names related to each game from that. So in my spare time when I wasn't gaming for endless hours I started working on it. In 2012 I had over 300 pages of content with still lots to go. It was really eating up my time, I didn't feel I would ever be done and had a kid to raise at the same time, So I called it quits and deleted everything but my Youtube Channel as I was still recording videos and made a small amount doing so.
Ever since 2012 I was regretting deleting all that time and work. So I spent my spare time using programs like Photoshop, After Effects and other editing programs.

In 2017
After stopping everything and just focusing on work I decided to start with Photoshop and stuff again. My plan was to create my designs and see if I could sell them on sites like Etsy. I was successful on making a few sales but decided I should just offer everything for free and make a website again.

A website might take up a-lot of my time again and I should just have somewhere to simply post things. Then i thought maybe a blog would be the best way.  BUT again i needed a name......
Looks like "SPADESBERRY" would be it once again as over the years the name seemed to really grow on me.

Now you are here reading this so I guess a blog was a good choice. Please feel free to comment below.

Thank you for the time you spent reading this. emoji with tongue out


This is a great story and it has really open my eyes in how to chose a name. Thanks for this post.

May 11, 2018, 4:55:00 PM
Thanks for being you! Come back for more great stuff monkey emoji
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